Can I really do this?

I’m that girl.  The “frugal” one who refuses to pay someone else to do something I am certain (well, almost certain) I can do myself.  I’m the girl who says things like “I can do that” on a daily basis.  The garbage disposal has stopped working and needs to be replaced…”I can do that”.  The house interior could use some updating, how about new 5-panel door slabs…”I can do that”.  The door locks of your 2011 Grand Cherokee are failing and need new actuators…turns out I can’t do that, but I blame that on YouTube.

I’ve grown quite used to the “Are you f***ing nuts” looks I always get when I mention my DIY ideas to anyone in my family.  This look:

You’d think they would have grown accustomed to this by now, but you’d be wrong.

Now I admit, my latest endeavor sounds crazy, but I’m 95% sure I can do this.  I’ve decided to build a house…my dream house…my forever home.   When most people build a house, they choose a builder and pick out finishes from 5-10 options and bada-bing-bada-boom, they get some fancy new keys to a brand new home that is ALMOST what they wanted.  AND they paid said builder 10-20% of the cost of that home for these limited options.  This does not appeal to me at all.

Instead, I am going the building consultant route which will give me more control and save me lots of money.  It will also rob me of a social life and many hours of valuable sleep for about a year, but it will be worth it.

I plan to document my project from start to finish right here in this blog.  I’m going to give you the good, the bad and the ugly.  I’m hoping this will be very helpful for anyone who is on the same Dream House Journey!

Wish me luck!